Theme path trough the Echern Valley in Hallstatt - © Kraft

Themed trail Hallstatt Echerntal

"Painters, Writers and Natural Wonders"

First you will see pure nature, wild mountain streams, waterfalls, then the natural wonder of the glacier furnaces, so-called glacier mills. Then we report on people who have come to the Echerntal. Emperors and kings, explorers, hikers and mountaineers, romantic painters, poets, writers, speleologists, hunters and poachers. The starting point for the theme trail is a pavilion called "Babylon" at the end of the asphalted Malerweg, just before the parking lot to the forest road to the Salzberg.

Easy to walk on

The theme trail through the Hallstatt Echern Valley is easy to walk. Preferably with solid shoes. Of course, on slightly worse days, a rain jacket should also be in your luggage. The trail can be walked between April and November. In winter, the themed trail boards are covered in German and English. You can't get lost along the way. The trail is well signposted and is also a circular hiking trail. The hike is marked with the designation "Themenweg" in German. Highlights include the waterfalls and the unique stone glacier garden.

It's ready to go...

Do you already feel like diving into the rich history? No problem! We have compiled texts and pictures of the ten boards for you here. So you can read aloud comfortably or review the story in the evening after the hike. We hope you enjoy the approximately 2-hour exploration tour through the wildly romantic Echern Valley in Hallstatt.

Good to know!

As a service, we have put the texts and pictures for the individual themed trail boards online for you below. So you can read up at any time or find out about the respective topics in advance of the hikes. Of course, you can also print out these texts. To do this, simply use the "Print" option in the browser. For all those who still like it simple: Save the page from your smartphone and use it when hiking on the theme trail through the Echerntal. The welcome in the valley is excellent!

To read: Thematic boards of the trail at a glance

Explorers, painters, men of literature

Witnesses of stone

A paradise for artists

Lost handcraft

Miracles of nature

Mysterious traces

Lost in the snow storm

Relicts of Ice Age

A cave of records

A pioneer of the Dachstein mountains

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