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Mountain weather - The hiking and climbing weather

When hiking or climbing in the UNESCO World Heritage region of Hallstatt Dachstein Salzkammergut, it is always an advantage to keep an eye on the current mountain weather. Whether it's a sightseeing trip to the 2000 meter high Krippenstein to the "5Fingers" viewing platform, a family hike on the Zwieselalm in Gosau or a climbing tour on the “Seewand” in Hallstatt. We keep an eye on the current mountain weather for you.

  • Service Weather
    Mountain & Hiking Weather
    and excursions to the Salzkammergut
    Weather forecast for the coming days
    The day begins with lots of sun,
    from the midday hours showers or thunderstorms.
    There is a risk of severe weather!
    Be careful when hiking!
    Take rain gear with you!
    Highs of 22 to 27 degrees.
    On the mountains around 20 degrees.
    Midsummer is taking a short break!
    Unstable and temporarily cooler.
    Mix of some sun, clouds and rain again and again.
    Summer is taking a break.
    The temperatures only manage 22 to 27 degrees.
    On the mountains at 13 degrees.
    First cloudy with some fog,
    then gradually more sun.
    Temperatures will rise to 24 to 30 degrees.
    On the mountains with good visibility 18 degrees.
    It will be quite humid.
    Mountain and bathing day in the Salzkammergut
    New week starts quite sunny.
    Risk of thunderstorms rather low!
    Temperatures continue to rise:
    Highs: hot 27 to 34 degrees.
    Good distance on the mountains.
    Don't forget sunscreen!
    The day starts with lots of sun.
    From noon rain showers and thunderstorms.
    Temperatures will only reach 24 to 31 degrees.
    More weather
    Edited mountain weather report.
    Compiled by meteorologists.
    Subject to change
  • World Heritage mountains
    2000 m: Mount Krippenstein Obertraun
    1500 m: Zwieselalm Gosau
    0800 m: Mount Salzberg Hallstatt

Hiking starts with the first step

The Salzkammergut in Austria is in many ways a region that is ideal for hiking. The region in the middle of the Alps is known for its unique mountain world and, above all, for its warm host, which creates ideal conditions for hiking in the Salzkammergut. As a mountain hiker, you will find fantastic conditions here, but even further down in the valleys or at lower altitudes, there are many paths through nature that you can walk even with less experience.

It comes from the heart

In the Salzkammergut, we know that nothing can be taken for granted. That's why we take responsibility together: for our quality of life. For our nature. For unique products. For new thinking and groundbreaking innovations. All this is only possible with the special passion of each and every one of us. That's why every move is a matter of the heart for us – because we love what we do and do what we love.

Everything you need for hiking

In our wide range of hiking activities, we have put together the most beautiful tours, the most popular mountain huts and the most beautiful viewing spots for you. Here you will find everything a hiker's heart desires.

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Overview of current trail closures

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Feuerkogel, Ebensee

Fri, Jul. 12, 2024 09:30 — 15:00 Tourist office of Rußbach, Rußbachsaag 22 Russbach

Fri, Jul. 12, 2024 10:00 — 14:00 Schiffsanlegestelle Loidl, Ortsplatz

Sat, Jul. 13, 2024 Valley station Gosaukammbahn, Gosau

Tue, Jul. 16, 2024 08:30 Dachstein-Krippenstein-Cable car, Winkl 34 Obertraun

Tue, Jul. 16, 2024 09:30 — 16:00 Sports ground Gosau, Gosau

Sat, Jul. 20, 2024 19:15 — 22:30 Dachstein-Krippenstein-Cable car, Winkl 34 Obertraun

Sat, Aug. 3, 2024 09:00 — 13:30 Municipal office Obertraun, Obertraun 180 Obertraun

Thu, Aug. 15, 2024 11:00 Seekarkirche, Gosau

Sat, Aug. 17, 2024 09:20 Dachstein-Krippenstein-Cable car, Winkl 34 Obertraun

Sun, Aug. 18, 2024 09:20 Dachstein-Krippenstein-Cable car, Winkl 34 Obertraun

Sat, Aug. 24, 2024 05:30 — 09:30 Dachstein-Krippenstein-Cable car, Winkl 34 Obertraun

Sun, Aug. 25, 2024 09:30 — 16:30 Sports ground Gosau, Gosau

Fri, Sep. 6, 2024 10:00 — 18:00 Gjaidalm, Winkl 31 Obertraun

Sun, Sep. 8, 2024 12:30 Simonyhütte, Lahnstraße 48 Hallstatt

Sat, Sep. 14, 2024 09:00 — 17:00 Protestant church Gosau, Gosau 179 Gosau

Sat, Sep. 14, 2024 11:30 Zwölferkogel, Obertraun

Sun, Sep. 15, 2024 09:20 Dachstein-Krippenstein-Cable car, Winkl 34 Obertraun

Sun, Sep. 15, 2024 11:00 Rossmoosalm, Bad Goisern

Sat, Sep. 28, 2024 09:00 Alpine Iglmoos (Iglmoosalm), Gosau

Sat, Oct. 26, 2024 09:30 — 16:00 Sports ground Gosau, Gosau

Search now for free accommodation to go hiking in the Salzkammergut

Hotels and accommodation providers in Hallstatt, Bad Goisern, Gosau and Obertraun offer the ideal room or apartment for your holidays, no matter what your tastes. Aside from establishments rated according to the international "star" scale, you will also find around Lake Hallstatt in Austria businesses that have been awarded two to four "edelweiss". The more flowers, the greater comforts you can expect. Whether you eventually find your cozy nest in an elegant 5-star luxury hotel, at comfortable guesthouse, a family-friendly apartment, or on a traditional farm, the choice is always entirely up to you.