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Around Hallstatt. Two thousand metre-high mountain tops, gentle crests, smooth hilltops, wide plateaus and mountains of all sizes. No matter what direction you look in Dachstein Salzkammergut, towering peaks are feature of the landscape everywhere. The historical “Soleweg” (brine trail) is widely known as one of Austria’s most beautiful trails an other trails.

Note for hikers
"Salzkammergut Soleweg"
Hallstatt - Steeg section closed
Steeg - Ebensee open

Dear hiking enthusiasts and nature lovers, the "Salzkammergut Soleweg" between Hallstatt and Ebensee am Traunsee remains closed in sections. This means in detail: The path from the Salzberg (name of the mountain) in Hallstatt to the Bad Goiser district of "Steeg" is currently closed. The duration of the ban is not foreseeable. Please do not climb over the barrier. Walking on the path is life-threatening due to recurring rockfalls!

Steeg - Ebensee open

Good news for hikers: the path from the Goiser district of "Steeg" to Bad Ischl and on to the Traunsee to Ebensee is freely walkable.

Alternative Routen

If you would like to hike from Hallstatt to Bad Ischl, we can recommend the "East Bank Hiking Trail". Take the ferry to Hallstatt train station, then continue on foot on the trail in the direction of the Bad Goiser district of "Untersee" and from there in the direction of "Steeg". From here you will reach the "Soleweg". The walking time for this section is about 3 hours.

We hope you enjoy hiking in the Salzkammergut

Your Editorial Team


The historical Brine Trail

Hiking to the "Waldbachstrub" Waterfall in Hallstatt

Panorama trail Hallstatt

Hike to the Salt Mine & Skywalk in Hallstatt

© Kraft | Wanderung zum Salzbergwerk, den Salzwelten in Hallstatt

Hiking Through the Radltal in Hallstatt

Simony Hut: So close to heaven!

© Kraft | Simonyhütte in der Ferieregion Dachstein Salzkammergut

Hiking to the Glacier Garden in Hallstatt

The “Ostuferwanderweg” (East shore hiking trail) - Always along Lake Hallstatt

Hiking through the Echern Valley

Hike to the Wiesberghaus

© Kraft | Wandern zum Wiesberghaus in der Ferienregion Dachstein Salzkammergut in Österreich

Walk through the Echern Valley in Hallstatt

© Kraft | Wandern in Hallstatt im Salzkammergut: Spaziergang durch das Echerntal

Hiking to the "Waldbach" origin in Hallstatt

Hike to the Hirschaualm in Hallstatt

Mountain home of the people of Hallstatt

The Simony Hut and Mount Dachstein

Hike to the "Steingrabenschneid" in Hallstatt

Breath-taking World Heritage hiking

Round hiking trail to the “Schönen Aussicht“ (Beautiful View)

Hiking to the natural spectacle "Kessel" (Cauldron)

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