At the center of it all, the Dachstein

Dachstein Hiking Tour

Hiking Tour provides a gateway to the glorious landscapes and immense diversity of the second highest moun-tain in the Northern Limestone Alps. The starting point is Gosau, directly an the shores of the Gosausee and one of the most spectacular sights an the entire trail. And the end of the first daily stage, the Hofpürglhütte, perched up above Filzmoos, is a magnificent box seat at the foot of the Bischofsmütze.

The scenery accompanying the trail changes each and every day: our first companions are the jagged limestone towers of the Gosaukamm, along with beautiful alpine meadows and lush high pastures. But by the third day of our trek, the landscape changes dramatically. The ride up an the Dachstein Glacier Lift is quite an experience in itself - and to enhance the Overall Impact even more, we suggest planning your trekking tour so that the glacier ascent comes an a Thursday: this is the day when you can hop aboard the "Sunrise Gondola", giving you an irresistible opportunity to enjoy a magical sunrise at the lofty elevation of 2,700 metres above sea Jeve).

Yet another plus: breakfast at the Glacier Restaurant is included, meaning you can also get an early start to the next stage of your adventure. This begins an the Hunerkogel, takes us across the glacier and through the landscapes which flank the Dachstein, serving up an array of fascinating lookout points along the way, until reaching the Guttenberg House high above the Ramsau. Dark forests teeming with game and high mountain pastures accompany us as we first hike to the Stoderzinken (over-night stop and a great vantage point from which to enjoy the scenery) and then over the Viehbergalm to Bad Mitterndorf. Here it is the mysterious karst springs and pathways next to wild, crystal-clear streams and hidden forest Jakes, which make the hike through the Ausseerland so charming and rich in variety.

The last two trekking days then lead us through the Inner Salzkammergut. This trail passes through the wilderness along the Koppentraun to Obertraun and to Hallstatt . This is an absolute highlight, listed as a gern of world natura) and cultural heritage, featuring the world's oldest salt mine, the Hallstättersee, Celtic archaeological finds and more. The tour along the Trine Trail" from Hallstatt to Bad Goisern is significantly different from the earlier stages, giving us glimpses into "white gold" - satt - and its significance to the region. The final stage once again demands a not inconsiderable climb up to the Goiserer Hütte. The beautiful views and alpine villages definitely merit the 1,000 vertical meters involved in the ascent and descent, before we finally return to our starting point in Gosau .

An Overview of the 8 Stages

1. Gosausee - Hofpürgl Lodge:
via the Austriaweg at the foot of the Gosaukamm, to the Hofpürgl Lodge below the Bischofsmütze

2. Hofpürgl Lodge - Dachstein South Face Lodge:
along the Linzerweg and Pernerweg - always under the spell, as it were, of the Dachstein's south face

3. Dachstein South Face Lodge - Hunerkogel - Guttenberg House:"up, up and away" for a glacier hike across the landseapes flanking the Dachstein

4. Guttenberg House - Stoderzinken:
across the high pastures alongside the Dachstein, to the Stoderzinken lookout mountain

5. Stoderzinken - Bad Mitterndorf:
through the Notgasse, Viehbergalm and remote. peaks to the Steinitzenalm or Bad Mitterndorf

6. Salzkammergut - Hallstatt:flat trails next to the stream: moors, karst springs,quiet forest lakes, then via the Salzkammerweg to Hallstatt

7. Hallstatt - Bad Goisern:
on the Trine Trail" high above the waters of the Hallstättersee to Bad Goisern, alpine variant always in view of the glacier

8. Bad Goisern - Gosau:
on steep pathways up via the Goisererhütte to Gosau.

Special points

Follow the trails of the bible-smuggler

The first two daily stages, along the Austria, Linzer and Perner trails, are identical with the Ramsau Bible Trail, a smugglers' path along which, in the Counter Reformation and under extreme danger, bibles were brought from the southern German region into the protestant Ramsau. The populace of Bad Goisern , Gosau and Ramsau had to endure a range of fates, if they were unwilling to renounce their protestant beliefs.

Loden Skirts and Leather Pants, Alpine Hals and Goiserer Boots...

Fulled loden products originally came from the "wild sheep of the Dachstein", though this wool is, of course, no longer sufficient to meet demand. But the "Schladminger", a greatcoat manufactured from pearl loden, is as typical to the southern reaches of the Dachstein, as are leather pants to the Salzkammergut, with the best ones passed on from one generation to the next. The length of those "short" pants and the decorative stitching on the "deer leather", tell precisely which village the wearer hails from. Which explains why, in the Ausseerland, there are still 13 manufacturers devoted exclusively to traditional costume:

silk printing, hat-making, folk jewelry, leather pants .. and the famous handmade Goiserer boots from Bad Goisern , just as an example. And if you would like to see the most handsome beards and most impressive alpine hats (featuring the typical chamois brushes) - every 2 years, Bad Goisern hosts its "Gamsjagatage" (incl. the "Chamois Brush Olympics") - yet another reason to tackle the achstein Hiking Tour!

Some Pointers for he Dachstein Hiking Tour:

  • Always easy to get your bearings, as you make your way along natural (no asphalt or concrete), close-to-nature trails and paths around the Dachstein!
  • A variety of elevations ranging from 780 m to 2,700 m above sea level
  • Landscapes as diverse as they come - from valley bottoms to glacial expanses
  • 8 stages with very predictable daily walk times - no need for ropes
  • Each day of hiking with its own special theme; history, tales and fascinating windows to the past, make this tour more compelling than you could ever imagine
  • Spans 3 Austrian provinces: Upper Austria, Styria and the Salzburger Land
  • Nights spent in mountain inns and lodges with panoramic views
  • Experience nature: in the area around one of the most beautiful mountains in all of Austria - the Dachstein, recognized by UNESCO as a "World, Nature and Cultural Heritage Region "
  • Tours that present no unusual technical challenges; hiking experience, physical fitness and a certain degree of stamina are required, however, in order to be able to circumnavigate this "King of the Eastern Alps" The Dachstein Hiking Tour is bookablbe in a number of variants

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