Echern Valley in Hallstatt - © Kraft

The steep track “Gangsteig” steep track in Echerntal

First of all…

The following hike is a high alpine hiking tour. Mountain experience, stamina, sure-footedness and good preparation are the best prerequisites for a successful and safe day trip. Please do not attempt it wearing sports shoes, normal street shoes or flip-flops! This ensures nothing will get in the way of an adventurous hike. Still have questions? For more safety tips, click here ... And now enjoy reading about this tour.

Old steep track

The "Gangsteig" in the Echerntal from Hallstatt is the perfect challenge for thrill seekers who do not want to go high up into the mountains,. However, it is essential to have a certain amount of hiking experience, sure footedness, hiking shoes and a good head for heights.

View over the Echerntal

Shortly before the Waldbachstrub waterfall, the narrow mountain path branches off to the “Gangsteig” (steep track), the Salzkammergut’s oldest "via ferrata". By means of rock steps, which were blasted out of the mountain, and solid safety rails and ropes, you are able to overcome the exposed rock face directly above the waterfalls. The perfect alternative to "make headway", is especially secured at the few particularly challenging sections and gives you an extraordinary view of the Waldbach gorge and the Echerntal.

After you have conquered the numerous winding steep tracks, a small path takes you directly to the forest road, which leads to the Salzberg, or back into the valley. Give it a go.

Our tip: A relaxing hike to the Waldbachstrub waterfall, via the steep track to the forest road, then past the imposing glacier garden back to the valley. A hike of about 4 hours with start point P1 Car Park / Kalvarienbergkirche / Grabfeldweg.

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