Panorama Trail in Gosau

Enjoyable hiking through the Gosau Valley

If you want to discover the Gosau Valley, we would recommend a hike on one of the most family-friendly hiking trails in the Salzkammergut: the Panorama Trail. The trail meanders a little above the valley, nestled against the mountain from Mittertal to Lake Gosau. The trail to Lake Gosau has numerous entry options, but we decided on the variant from the “Schlosspark” car park.

Enjoyable hiking through the Gosau Valley

From this central parking opportunity, the yellow hiking signs first show us the way up. We follow these useful tour indications and cross the Pass Gschütt main road (B166).
Passing sometimes quite rustic Gosau houses and through shady forest sections, we head towards the Kalvarienberg. The small church above the wide valley invites us to linger. Our view sweeps over Gosau to the mighty tines of the Gosaukamm. Time to relax and just take a deep breath.

Enjoy the moment

At our feet are the two Gosau churches: on the left the Evangelical Church and on our right the Catholic Church. But the Gosaubach path is also clearly visible. It will later play a decisive role in this hike in the Salzkammergut.

Time for new perspectives

With the backpack back on our shoulders, we follow the path through a turnstile and hike through the shady forest and past lush meadows and fields. Again and again a bank invites us to take a short break from walking, which is sweetened by a wonderful view of the valley. Uniquely beautiful.Sometimes downhill, sometimes slightly uphill, the Gosau Panorama Trail continues slightly above the valley. We cross the ski slope of the "Hornspitz" ski area, getting closer and closer to the peaks of the mighty Gosaukamm.The destination is called Lake Gosau

Above the “Urzeitwald” (primeval forest) with the adjacent open-air museum, the trail leads us down into the valley. We head towards the dammed Lake Gosau via a well-maintained gravel road. Through the forest and sometimes also along the main road we continue our way to Lake Gosau. On this last section of the Panorama Trail, we also touch the valley station of the Panorma Jet, which takes snowshoe hikers and skiers up to the Zwieselalm in the winter months. Our day tour to Lake Gosau ends through the narrow valley and past the chain of car parks.
We have arrived and are looking forward to a delicious snack at the “Gasthof am Gosausee” or at the nearby rustic “Klackl-Alm”. If you are looking for a little cooling down, we recommend dangling your feet in the water. As you do so, let your gaze wander across the lake up to the peaks of the proud Gosaukamm and King Dachstein. Simply divine.

Back by bus

By the way: The well-developed network of local public transport in the Salzkammergut ensures that you can easily and comfortably make your way back to the starting point of your tour by public bus. The wonderful view over meadows and fields is included in the ticket price and worth every cent.
Alternative way back – “Gosaubachweg“ (Gosaubach Trail)

We promised you that we would come back to the Gosaubachweg. So if you feel like walking back, we recommend that you walk from the open-air museum along the main road in the direction of Mittertal and then take the Gosaubachweg back to the heart of the Gosau valley. There is also a lot to discover along the stream.

Let yourself be surprised!

Whatever you decide, the Panorama Trail in Gosau is a good choice for hiking in the Salzkammergut. It is easy to walk and is also very popular with families with children. What are you waiting for? Hiking boots on! See you on the trail through the Gosau Valley.

The popular hiking trail through the Gosau Valley

The popular hiking trail through the Gosau valley is also worth discovering in the cold season. Especially when there is no snow! There is one thing you should be aware of though - the trail is crossed by the ski slope about halfway along. But no problem at all: you simply leave the trail before the ski slope, walk down into the valley and then back onto the Panorama Trail. The small "diversions" takes about 45 minutes more. But it is worth it! Under no circumstances should you attempt to walk across the ski slope. This can be fatal. So, caution is the mother of wisdom. Have fun hiking in Gosau.

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Kalvarienberg church in Gosau

 © Kraft | Glücksplätze in Gosau: Kalvarienbergkirche

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