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Ski tours in the Salzkammergut

High risk of avalanches in the mountains
Important information for backcountry skiers

Extreme danger of avalanches in the mountains due to the current weather situation: lots of fresh snow and stormy weather means a significant risk of avalanches. There is no improvement in sight for the weekend. Our advice is to postpone trips to a later date.

  • Avalanche information
    Avalanche danger at the moment
    significant snow slab danger, increasingly at higher altitudes, sometimes from the tree line!
    Spontaneous avalanches possible:
    Prevailing Danger Level
    Above the tree line: high
    Below the tree line: high
    Morning: high
    Afternoon: high
    Please note
    Subject to change

Ski touring - a challenge for individualists

Slowly, very slowly, up the mountain with skis. Step by step. The climb is not easy, yet you enjoy every moment. The poles crunch holes into the fresh snow and keep up the walking pace of the ski tourers. And then there is the anticipation that drives you on: the descent into the valley. The silence is wonderful, nothing but the crunching of snow and your own breath. Only a few meters, then you have succeeded. You're up and you will be rewarded with a picture book view of Hallstatt, Obertraun and the snowy mountains.

Ski touring on the Dachstein

Around the Dachstein there are countless possibilities to explore snow-covered mountains and peaks away from the slopes. Wonderful viewpoints reward you for the effort of the climb in untouched nature. On a ski tour you can experience the mountains from their most beautiful and fascinating sides. Starting from the top station of the Krippenstein cable car, at an altitude of 2,100m, we have put together some of the most beautiful Dachstein tours – ranging from easy to difficult.

The different slopes allow the winter sports enthusiast to either fulfill their powder dream or to travel through sunny névé on touring skis. Both beginners and experts will find both easy and challenging tours around the Dachstein massif. Whether on skis from the Gjaidalm to Wiesberghaus, over the Eissee (frozen lake) to the Simony Hut or Heilbronner cross - each tour has its own special charm. Why not try something new!


Sat, Dec. 30, 2023 16:30 Panorama-Jet , Gosau

Current weather view

Webcam Mount Krippenstein on Lake Hallstatt

Impressions from the Dachstein Hiking World and Free Sports Arena Krippenstein: View from the top station to the Dachstein glacier during a vacation in the Dachstein Salzkammergut holiday region around Lake Hallstatt in Austria.

Webcam Webcam Mount Krippenstein on Lake Hallstatt


Sat, Dec. 30, 2023 16:30 Panorama-Jet , Gosau

Ski tour to the Goisererhütte

One of the most beautiful tours is certainly the route from Gosau to the Goisererhütte (1592m), high above the Goisern valley. The approximately 10-kilometer tour takes about three hours and offers all ski tourers in the Salzkammergut spectacular views of the Gosau valley with the snow-covered Gosaukamm and at the end of the tour an unforgettable view over the Goisern valley and Lake Hallstatt. An overnight stay in the rustic mountain cabin ensures even more fun. Do not forget to register on !

Experience relaxed ski tours in the UNESCO World Heritage region of Hallstatt Dachstein Salzkammergut. For further information regarding ski tours in Bad Goisern on Lake Hallstatt, Gosau, Hallstatt and Obertraun, please contact the local tourist information.

Ski tours On the Dachstein plateau

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Sat, Dec. 30, 2023 16:30 Panorama-Jet , Gosau

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