The Local museum  in Bad Goisern on Lake Hallstatt - © Kraft

The Landler museum

The Local Heritage Museum

The former Goisern Mill structure is since 1976 the Local Heritage museum, the previous location was too small. You will find the Local Heritage Museum on the first and second floor and the Landler museum on the ground floor. The history of the Museum is connected to Konrad Duebler (1814-1889). He donated his complete private library consisting of 1400 books to the museum along with various other objects from his collection.

Interesting Highlights of the collection in the Local Heritage Museum: The Goisern valley settlement; the hunters meadow in Goisern; te Goisern mountaineering boot manufacturing. Famous people from Goisern: the artists from Goisern; the bone preserver Gottl.Oberhauser; the first photograph of Goisern; the folk culture and folk art and the Konrad Deubler collection.

The Landler museum

The Landler Museum on the ground floor of the Local Heritage Museum has over 350 original objects providing visitors with an insight to the cultural history of the ethnic group in the Seven mountains, in what is today, Romania. The everyday life of the Landler (German: Siebenbürger Landler) (Protestant Austrians who were deported from the region of Austria to Transylvania ) and the festive culture arlor and traditional church attire The Landler working world, the carpenters, the grape farmers, florists, housewives, the traditions of the church and schools,

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