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Themed trail Hallstatt

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Whether a day visitor or overnight guest – everyone likes to get to know the historic sites of UNESCO World Heritage region of Hallstatt Dachstein Salzkammergut. For this reason, the theme trail through the centre of Hallstatt, rich with history, is ideal as it combines a walk with exciting stories and history. This combination of exercise and new insights makes the theme trail, through the world famous lakeside resort, ideal for leisure activities for the whole family.

Enchanting Hallstatt

You`ll find no full plates there

The woman salt carriers

Over the rooftops

In the step of Friedrich Morton

Indigenous Hallstatt

Where the solt was boiled

The waterfall mills

The fight for faith

Friedrich Simony explores the Dachstein

The house of the poor

Hallstatt burns

The market town and its salt traders

Visitors in Hallstatt

The first tourists arrive

In the Badergraben

The great Hallstatt period

Through thousands of years

The "underworld" of the forge

Hallstatt and the Habsburger

The lake and other thoroughfares

The lake and the solt

Hallstatt - Home of the salt

Hallstatt - Home of the salt

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