Visit Bad Goisern local craftsmen

The tradition of local craftsmanship lives on

Goisern is a village of many contrasts - a combination of all things old and modern - eg the "Hand. Werk.Haus" and Neuwildenstein stately home, the Kirchengasse passageway and the lower Marktstrasse (market street). This contrast helps create the unique atmosphere of this "haven for those interested in local craftsmanship“. Goisern is rich in history, and its local people always have lots of tales to tell.

An accompanied visit to local crafts showrooms was a welcome feature of the Exhibition of Provincial Life 2008 in Goisern, and, as such, became a popular activity for visitors to our region. This escorted visit to the showrooms of many local craftsmen has given an insight into the wealth of artistic and creative talent in Goisern which gives this little market town its truly unique identity.

Everyone has heard of the Goisern cobbler. Come and discover other secrets such as the 3 violin manufacturers, the book binder,and the optician who makes spectacle frames from deer horn. We have a former soap works which was in operation up until 2003. Bad Goisern boasts 4 butchers, and as well as many other successful small businesses, including 2 bakeries.

Carpenters' planes of all different sizes, rolls of paper, a cauldron which contained 4000 litres and belonged to an alchemist in the middle ages, the intense smell of leather, or just the aroma o freshly baked bread all appeal to the senses. These reminders of the last 3000 years in local history are usually confined to museums.

Nowadays in Goisern, however, everyday products are still being manufactured and made using traditional methods. Craftsmanship lives on in Goisern, and has seen a revival in many different areas. Visitors to our region are most welcome to come and witness this for themselves.

Thanks to the great interest already shown and the enthusiastic responses of guests here in Goisern, the craftsmen as well as the people living here all sense a renewed feeling of worthiness and of special identity.  Tours of the showrooms are also available in English or French! Please enquire for further details!