“Leutgebhütte” on the “Plankensteinalm”

Lush alpine meadows and outstanding glaciers

The “Leutgebhütte” on the 1530 m high “Plankensteinalm” lies on a broad curved forest crest between the central Dachstein massiv and the north-west Plassen. The cosy hut, with large sun terrace, is particularly popular with mountain bikers and hikers. Here, nature lovers can forget the stress of their everyday lives for a while and let their minds wander. Let

Fresh from the pasture

The idyllic Plankensteinalm, like many other alpine pastures in the Salzkammergut, is the destination of many hikers and mountain bikers who come here to stop for a bite to eat. However, the difference here is the cheese, which the dairymaid produces in old tradition. Lenis’ cows provide around 100 litres of milk per day. There is a small solar system which provides just enough energy for the milking machine. However a lot of patience is required before up to 50 litres of milk can produce a 3.5 kilograms loaf of hard cheese. The loaves, wrapped in cloth, are stored in a cool cellar and washed by Leni every few days and freshly salted.

The salt iyourself be pampered with regional specialties and homemade delicacies at the 200-year-old mountain hut while the children explore nature on their own. necessary for hygienic reasons, but also gives the cheese a good portion of its spice. The cheese is literally torn out of the hands of its manufacturers. Many people pick him up directly on the mountain pasture, others wait in the valley. And if you want to taste the delicious cheese from the alpine pastures, we recommend you a hike or bike ride to the Plankensteinalm in Gosau.

Our tip: The mountain hut on the Plankensteinalm can be reached from Gosau in a 2 ½ hour walk or by mountain bike in about 1 ½ hours. The most beautiful route, however, leads from Hallstatt over the “Dammwiese” and the “Hohe Scheibe”. The hike from Hallstatt takes about three hours, and with two other huts is one of the most beautiful alpine hikes in the holiday region of Dachstein Salzkammergut. And if you are a little concerned about the ascent, a trip with the slow train to the Plankensteinalm is recommended.